Your Volvo is designed to offer outstanding performance, safety and comfort. And even though most of these qualities are striking and obvious, there are still others that require  more profound knowledge about the truck in order to be discovered. This knowledge is something that we gladly pass on to all clients buying a new truck from us, and now we’d like to offer the same to those who own a Volvo truck older than 4 years.

Discover the full potential of your Volvo – book a free vehicle handover of your truck

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What if there were simple ways to improve your everyday driving productivity, and you had such opportunities at your fingertips without knowing it? We know from experience that even highly skilled drivers can benefit from being introduced to the many features of our sophisticated trucks, and that’s why we’re now offering a vehicle handover procedure even for those who already own and drive a Volvo. For two full hours we will give you  personalised instruction on how to operate your truck to get the most out of it.

The vehicle handover is available for all Volvo trucks older than 4 years, and the offer is valid until XX Month 20XX.

Did you know that…

…the Tachograph Download enables you to automatically transfer tachograph data to Dynafleet Online, and conveniently save it there for two years?

…if your truck is stuck, you can rock it free by selecting P+, engaging 1st gear in M mode, keeping the Minus button pressed in on the gear selector, increasing engine revs (to max 1300 rpm) and then releasing the Minus button?

…the I-Shift’s Hill Start Assist prevents your truck from rolling back and also reduces driveline-component damage when moving off on a hill?

Mechanic performing a health check

Book a free Health Check of your Volvo

Book an appointment at one of our workshops and secure the outstanding performance of your more than 4 year old truck with our complimentary service check. We’ll go through 75 different parameters, and give you on-the-spot recommendations for maintenance and repairs. (No measures will be taken on this day, however.) We'll also take the opportunity to check on your truck’s software, and install new updates if time permits. Finally, we’ll present the Volvo Classic Blue Contract – our service contract tailor-made for trucks older than 4 years – which we’re now offering at a special price.


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Genuine Volvo Parts

Benefit from our great offers on Genuine Volvo Parts and Services

We’d like you to experience the high-quality service work provided by our skilled technicians and professional workshops so you can see how it may keep your Volvo’s great value. And to make owners of trucks older than 4 years feel extra welcome to Volvo Trucks, we’re now offering you particularly attractive prices on both spare parts and service work.


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Technician working on a truck

The most qualified technicians

No one knows your truck better than our experienced

technicians do. They are specialised in Volvos, and undergo

continuous training to stay updated on all technology



The best-equipped workshop

Our workshops are equipped with all the modern specialist

tools, databases and diagnostic tools needed to provide

appropriate service for premium trucks.


High-quality parts with perfect fit

Genuine Volvo Parts are designed and tested to meet our

stringent quality requirements. They always interact

perfectly with all other parts in the truck and offer

long-lasting value.


100 % parts availability

Our advanced logistics system supplies you with the parts

you need at the time you need them – even 15 years after

we’ve stopped producing the model.

Extensive warranty

We offer a 24-month warranty on both parts and labour

when Genuine Volvo Parts are fitted by a Volvo workshop.

The warranty also covers roadside recovery and any

consequential damage.


Time-saving One Stop Service

We offer solutions for all your servicing and maintenance

needs under one roof. Here you can do all maintenance as

well as software upgrades during the one same stop.


Efficient planning

Our service programs are designed to maximise your

truck‘s availability. Premium and cost-efficient maintenance

with minimal interference in your operating schedules.

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